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The Story Behind Toshik Designs

Toshik Designs was conceived out of a necessity to create unique and useful products. Someone might ask whether these products have anything in common, to which we explain design has no borders. When we see a problem, no matter what it may be, or where, we try and find a solution. This is where the name ‘Toshik Designs’ is derived, a certain dog we know is half Border Collie & Half Australian Shepard, which means he runs wildly in every direction, grabbing a stick here, jumping over a fence there.. there is no predictable pattern! So just like Toshik, the hyper dog with a nose keen for exploring, we have no direction but love exploring every idea, no matter which direction it may lead us.

We have expanded our company to assist like minded thinkers who have an idea but are not sure in which direction to begin. We look forward to hearing about your idea and beginning the process of a tangible product!

Toshik Face.jpg
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