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Our Passion is Inventing. Our Whole Collection was Conceived, Developed & Prototyped by Us


What do you need help with? We can provide help during the early idea stages, quick turn around prototyping, or perhaps you need help with production. 

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Before 3D modelling, and prototyping, creating sketches of your idea and developing a 2D drawing is important in order to understand exactly how you want your idea to look and work. 

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3D Modelling

Creating a 3D model is an important step towards building your first prototype. Having a 3D model allows you to go back and tweak the design until your product is perfect. A 3D model will also come in hand for marketing purposes.

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Creating a prototype allows for testing and product validation. Having a tangible product will allow one to properly test the product to ensure it works correctly. We specialize in 3D Printing & Laser Cutting.

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